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Trying to navigate the Family Law system can be a scary experience. There are several options for your family. Talk to an experienced attorney who understands that every situation and every family deserves a unique approach tailored to your needs.


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Divorce Attorney Lawyers Lawyer

Find out what you should be doing to protect yourself and what you can expect throughout the divorce process.


Divorce Attorney Lawyers Lawyer Custody

Find out how custody will effect your children and how to effectively transition your family without ruining your kids.


Divorce Attorney Lawyer Lawyers Property

Find out what your options are during the divorce process with respect to your home, your investments, your retirement and even your debt.

Child Support

Divorce Attorney Lawyers Lawyer Support Child Support

Find out how child support works in Michigan, and how much you can expect to be ordered in your case.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Divorce Attorney Lawyer Lawyers Support Alimony

Find out if Spousal Support or Alimony is appropriate for your case and how much you can expect might be awarded in your case.

What are my options

Divorce Attorney Lawyer Lawyers Mediation Court

Find out what your options are for resolving the issues in your case.  Litigation and Trials are not for everyone and are rarely the best option for your family.  Ask about mediation, facilitation, and collaborative options as an alternate route for your family.

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Divorce Attorney Lawyer Lawyers divorce

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